In order to facilitate your API integration developments and tests, Trustpair offers distinct sandbox and production environments:

  • 2 types of sandbox environments are offered:

    • Mock environment
      The Mock is a Pre-Production environment enabling you to start testing Trustpair's API. It works the same way as the API in production, but it is not linked to any external sources.
      This means the response to the evaluation of the pair will be either random or "forced". Indeed, you can force a state and/or state_reasons by pushing" those values inside the body of the request.
    • Sandbox environment
      The Sandbox is a Pre-Production environment, which is connected to external sources. This environment enables you testing your API set-up in conditions that are closed to Production. Note that no complementary checks will be performed on Sandbox.


      Sandbox usage is limited

      Usage of the sandbox environment is limited to 500 checks. Over this limit, sandbox users will be billed.

  • Production environment

    • The production environment is connected to external sources. If no answer can be provided via these external sources, complementary checks will be performed by Trustpair.
    • The production environment is made accessible after a UAT sign-off.


Environment URLs

Don't forget to update the URL in your requests depending on the environment server you want to query. Note that Trustpair's API documentation is by-design provided with URLs from the Sandbox environment