Trustpair's API enables to filter the results from an API call. Several different parameters can be used on every endpoint.

There is no limit on how many different elements can be submitted in a filter, only that the request header should be kept under 8kb.


idsReturns selected object(s)GET /api/v1/paid_payments?ids=a414df38-f13b-48b6-95f7-f941ca121f28,a414df38-f13b-48b6-95f7-f941ca121f29
recentsReturns objects evaluated in the last 24 hoursGET /api/v1/company_account_audits/recents
recents/?last_updateReturns the objects evaluated from the given date (included) (format: %d/%m/%Y)GET /api/v1/payment_checks/recents?last_update='01/01/2021'
stateFilters by global state (in pending, favorable, unfavorable, anomaly or unevaluated)GET api/v1/company_account_checks/?state=unfavorable