General information

Trustpair provides a seamless file exchange mechanism connecting our platform with your own technical environment.

You can choose from two modes of exchange:


You can manually import files into the Trustpair web application. To achieve this, navigate to the import module of Trustpair’s web app and import your file(s) into the appropriate category.


Trustpair also provides the opportunity to automate file exchange between your technical environment and our platform via an SFTP server. This exchange can be unidirectional or bidirectional:

1st scenario - Uni-directional interface (Client technical environment to Trustpair) - Referred to as SFTP Import:

This configuration facilitates file transmission and effortless importation of third-party data, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
To achieve this, we recommend automating the deposition of your CSV files, containing third-party data, from your technical environment onto the Trustpair SFTP server. This automation can be scheduled at designated intervals, such as daily occurrences.

⚠️ Ensuring consistency and adherence to the guidelines for imported files into Trustpair is paramount, regardless of whether they are manually uploaded or facilitated through SFTP.

2nd scenario - Bi-directional interface (Trustpair to Client technical environment) - Referred to as SFTP Export:

In this configuration, you have the capability to directly access Trustpair's evaluation results via exported files from the Trustpair SFTP server. To enable this functionality, establish a connection between your technical environment and the designated SFTP server(s). This server will serve as the endpoint(s) to receive Trustpair's exported files.


Implementing the Export scenario is optional

Please note that the implementation of SFTP Export is an optional feature. You have the flexibility to solely use SFTP Import, even without automating the retrieval of evaluation results from the Trustpair SFTP server through exported files. Whether you opt for the SFTP Export functionality or not, the evaluation outcomes remain easily accessible within the different module(s) of Trustpair's web application.