Introduction about Trustpair

Empower relationships with trust

Trustpair is the leading payment fraud prevention platform helping finance teams from large companies to confirm bank account ownerships globally and to monitor risks within their existing P2P software.

Our approach against B2B payment fraud

At Trustpair, we believe that accessing the right data is fundamental, but it is not an end in itself. To effectively prevent B2B payment fraud, finance teams must be able to easily identify the risks at each stage of the Procure-to-Pay process, from any tools used by internal stakeholders, and manage them with full confidence.

That is why our platform solution is built around three complementary pillars:

  • Trustpair Evaluation Engine is the core of Trustpair's platform. It provides the most reliable account ownership verification worldwide, leveraging unrivalled validation technologies and millions of data points. The aim of Trustpair Evaluation Engine is to provide actionable evaluations on the entirety of Trustpair's customers' third-parties.

  • Trustpair Collaborate is the app that is used by customers to launch anti-fraud checks. The aim of Trustpair Collaborate is to provide a frictionless user experience for Finance teams to identify and manage fraud risks among their third-parties.

  • Trustpair Connect encompasses all the methods and protocols that enable Finance teams to automate their anti-fraud checks from any business software (Procurement, ERP, TMS).

    There are 3 main ways Trustpair is capable of boosting Finance teams' efficiency:

    • Trustpair REST API that enables customers to connect with Trustpair via an API

    • Trustpair SFTP integration that enables customers to connect with Trustpair by sending and retrieving files in and from an SFTP server

    • Connectors which are native integrations with business software (Procurement, ERP, TMS). They are built either by third-party editors or by Trustpair on top of Trustpair REST API.