General information

SAP Ariba is a procurement tool that enables to perform the sourcing and onboarding of your suppliers, as well as stock and spending management with these suppliers.

Trustpair connector with SAP Ariba enables to perform the following use case:

Whenever a new supplier is added to SAP Ariba, and all information are completed (whether by the customer's internal teams or by the supplier themself), the Trustpair connector will launch its anti-fraud checks.

The Trustpair evaluations are provided directly inside SAP Ariba.

The reviewer (generally someone from the accounting team) will then validate or not the supplier based on the evaluation provided by Trustpair.


Please reach out to your Customer success Manager to set-up the SAP Ariba connector

If you need help to set-up Trustpair SAP Ariba connector, please reach out to your dedicated CSM.