General information

Sage X3 is one of the leading ERP software on the market.

Trustpair connector with Sage X3 enables to perform the following use cases:

  • Audit of your existing suppliers in Sage X3:
    Perform audits on your suppliers' database using Trustpair's company account audit feature. This will enable to provide an evaluation for each of your supplier's database, and update the evaluation based on events that happened to the supplier (company closing, bank account changes,...). Trustpair evaluations will be automatically displayed next to each supplier in Sage X3, once the account audit has been launched.
  • Verifying your payment campaigns before sending them to the bank:
    Once the payment campaign has been created, run a test on the corresponding payment file. Trustpair will automatically block the payment from being sent to the bank if some suppliers are not favorable according to Trustpair's evaluation.


Please reach out to your Customer success Manager to set-up the Sage X3 connector

If you need help to set-up Trustpair Sage X3 connector, please reach out to your dedicated CSM.