Trustpair's evaluation engine

How does Trustpair evaluation engine work?

Trustpair is performing numerous controls on two input data (a company ID number and a bank account number) to globally confirm the bank account ownership of a third-party at scale. Its proprietary fraud pattern detection technology is able to spot the most sophisticated fraud attempts, as well as detecting errors and suggesting corrections.

Trustpair controls various types of data:

  • Company data

From a company ID, Trustpair verifies the existence of the company and can enrich company information such as company legal form, official name, workforce, insolvency notices...

  • Banking data

From an IBAN or a local bank account number, Trustpair verifies the format, the existence of the bank account and enriched banking details such as bank name, bank branch address, BIC code, blacklisted account...

  • Bank account ownership

From a company ID & a bank account number, Trustpair provides the most reliable account ownership verification worldwide, leveraging unrivalled validation technologies and millions of data points.
Trustpair's fraud detection technology uses a proprietary list of past frauds and identified risk factors to evaluate the risk level of the set of verifications being processed:

  1. Verifications via official data sources: Trustpair is the one-stop-shop to access all verified data sources on the market. We source the most comprehensive and reliable international bank data sources worldwide.
  2. Verifications via Trustpair data sources: Trustpair verifies bank account ownerships by anonymously mutualising data from the largest pool of large corporate clients, as well as through previously validated data based on the client's payment history.
  3. Verifications via anti-fraud team: Trustpair provides responsive complementary checks from an experienced and well-equipped in-house team. Complementary checks are triggered when external data sources and Trustpair data sources are not available.
  • Payments

From a payment file, Trustpair is able to detect different types of risk regarding company info, banking info, bank account ownership and unusual payment behaviour. Trustpair intelligence enables to detect frauds and potential errors before sending payment files to the bank.