Trustpair connectors

A Trustpair connector is an integration with a third-party tool that enables customers to use Trustpair's capabilities directly inside this specific tool.

This enables them to use Trustpair without having to jump out of their daily business tool.


Trustpair connectors are built on top of Trustpair REST API

This notably means that the features of these connectors are scoped to the capabilities of Trustpair's API. That is why Trustpair has a dedicated team striving to improve the capabilities of its REST API to keep adding more and more use cases to its connectors.

Trustpair has connectors with various types of tools:

  • Procurement: Provigis, e-Attestations, SAP Ariba, Ivalua
  • Treasury Management Systems (TMS): Exalog - Allmybanks, Exalog - Exabanque, Kyriba, Sage XRT, Diapason


Some connectors are part of Trustpair's pricing plans

Some connectors were built by Trustpair, and thus are sold as part of an add-on to customers. This is the case for SAP, SAP Ariba and Sage X3.

The other connectors were built by the third-party editors (also referred to as partners)- using Trustpair's API. They are not sold by Trustpair, but are part of Trustpair's partners' pricing plans.