General information

SAP is the leading software for Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP).

Trustpair SAP connector is compatible with the two following versions of SAP:

  • SAP ECC6 (on-premise)
  • SAP S4HANA (cloud version)

Trustpair SAP connectors enable to achieve three main use cases:

  • Check on your suppliers:
    When you create a new business partner in SAP or you update a business partner with new bank account information, you can call Trustpair's evaluation engine to perform an evaluation on your business partners.
  • Audit of your suppliers' database:
    You can select a list of business partners inside SAP on which you want to perform an audit check via the company account audit feature. After the audit is done, if some changes are required according to Trustpair (for example a new address), you can then retrieve the newly updated info that Trustpair managed to retrieve and use them to update the business partners' information.
  • Checks on payment proposals:
    You can create or select a payment proposal from F110, and evaluate each payment by Trustpair via the payment check feature. Trustpair will retrieve the evaluation of each business partner as it was computed when auditing your supplier's database, and link it to each respective payment. This will enable your treasury team to block a payment proposal directly from the SAP environment in case the evaluation from Trustpair is unfavorable for example.


SAP store

Trustpair SAP connector is available on the SAP store. If you are not a Trustpair customer yet, you can use the button "Get it now" to sign-up. Trustpair will get back to shortly.


Please reach out to your Customer success Manager to set-up the SAP connector

If you need help to set-up Trustpair SAP connector, please reach out to your dedicated CSM.