2️⃣ Audit of your third-party database

Audit your third-party database and strengthen Trustpair's analysis by sending us your payment history.

There are 2 files that you can transfer:

  • Third-party database: Complete extraction of your database, according to the format requested by Trustpair (described below).
  • Payment history : History of payments to your third-parties. Details of the format in the next page.

File format and content

Your CSV file must contain all the columns described below. They may be empty if the content is not mandatory.
To ensure proper processing of the file, the headers (without spaces) must be respected.

File "audit of the Third party database" imported into Trustpair

Please find below an example of import file:

Header / column nameMandatory contentDescriptionExample
company_country_codeYes (if moral person)Country code in format ISO 3166 (2 or 3 car.)FR or FRA
company_nameYes (if moral person)Name of the companyTrustpair
company_registration1 of the 3 ID is mandatory - your choice (if moral person)National identification number of the third party832940670
tax_number1 of the 3 IDEuropean VAT numberFR40123456824
duns1 of the 3 ID9-digit identification number issued by the private company Dun & Bradstreet270243120
last_nameYes (if natural person)Family nameDupont
first_nameYes (if natural person)First nameMarie
other_nameOptionalOther name
ibanYes, if IBAN zoneSupplier's account number in IBAN formatFR7612548029981234567890161
bank_account_country_codeOptionalCountry code in format ISO 3166 (2 or 3 car.)FR or FRA
bank_account_numberYes, if non-IBAN zoneBank account number of the third party123550679
bic or bic_codeYes, if non-IBAN zoneAccount number bic code019389857
routing_numberOptionalRouting number or bank codeDepending on countries
control_keyOptionalControl keyDepending on countries
supplier_idYesUnique identifier of the supplier in your database > Its content should never change for a supplierSpecific to your company
supplier_statusOptionalStatus of the supplier in the database allowing to indicate a deactivated supplier but still present in the supplier database2 types of values are accepted:
empty - provider has not been disabled
disabled - supplier disabled

Template & examples


Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for an example

If needed, we can provide you with a .csv sheet that displays all the columns required with several examples. You can then duplicate it, fill-it with your extraction file informations and name it according to the conventions above.