1️⃣ Supplier Account Check

Module 1

Automatic sending of a file containing the requests for controls and allows, (optionally) to recover in return a file containing the evaluations of the last 24 hours directly in your IS.

Naming Convention

The naming convention defined previously by Trustpair includes the name of the scope.
This naming convention must be respected as it is used as the key to affection between environments and modules.
To facilitate monitoring, 2 folders (import and export) have been created.

Type of fileFormatExampleFolder
Files “control requests” sent from you information system into Trustpairquarantine-check-NOM_PERIMETRE-TIMESTAMP.csvquarantine-check-TRUSTPAIR-2022013122.csvTo put on the following folder —> /import-into-trustpair
Files “restitution of evaluations” sent from Trustpair to your information system (optional)quarantine-check-evaluations-ENTITY_NAME-TIMESTAMP.csvquarantine-check-evaluations-TRUSTPAIR-2022013122.csvTo put on the following folder —> /export-from-trustpair

NB : TIMESTAMP corresponds to the date of creation of the file, respecting the POSIX standard (Epoch time). This must contain 10 or 13 digits.

File format and content

File "restitution of evaluations" exported from Trustpair
If you are willing to use the SFTP feedback loop, here are the fields that will be included in the export file.

Header / column nameMandatory contentDescriptionExample
creation_dateOptionalCreation date of the supplier check27/01/2022
initiatorOptionalName and first name of the request iniatorPaul Dupont
custom_idYesUnique supplier reference - iso import fileFG0123
supplier_typeOptionalType of third partyMoral or natural person
company_country_codeOptionalCountry code in format ISO 3166 (2 char.)FR
company_country_code_iso3OptionalCountry code in format ISO 3166 (3 char.)FRA
company_registrationOptionalNational identification number of the third party832940670
tax_numberOptionalEuropean VAT numberFR40123456824
dunsOptional9-digit identification number issued by the private company Dun & Bradstreet270243120
db_company_nameOptionalOfficial company nameABCD Company
db_company_trade_nameOptionalCommercial name of the companyABCD
db_company_addressOptionalComplete address of the company4 rue du lac
db_company_street_numberOptionalStreet number of the company4
db_company_streetOptionalStreet name of the companyrue du lac
db_company_cityOptionalCity of the companyParis
db_company_zip_codeOptionalPostcode of the company75010
db_company_stateOptionalState/region/province of the companyIle de France
db_company_countryOptionalCountry of the companyFrance
db_company_country_code_iso2OptionalCompany country code format ISO 3166 (2 car.)FR
db_company_country_code_iso3OptionalCompany country code format ISO 3166 (3 car.)FRA
db_company_activityOptionalCompany activityServices
db_company_legal_formOptionalLegal form of the companySARL
db_company_creation_dateOptionalCreation date of the company15/12/1985
db_company_workforceOptionalNumber of employees in the company130
insolvenciesOptionalOngoing collective proceedings
last_insolvency_dateOptionalDate of the last collective proceedings
last_insolvency_link (coming)OptionalLink to the collective proceedings
first_nameOptionalFirst nameNadine
last_nameOptionalFamily nameComot
other_nameOptionalOther name
bank_account_country_codeOptionalBank country code format ISO 3166 (2 car.)FR
bank_account_country_code_iso3OptionalBank country code format ISO 3166 (3 car.)FRA
ibanOptionalSupplier's account number in IBAN formatFR7612548029981234567890161
bank_account_numberOptionalBank account number of the third party019389857
bicOptionalAccount number bic codeWFBIUS6S
routing_numberOptionalRouting number or bank codeDepending on countries
control_keyOptionalControl keyDepending on countries
db_bank_nameOptionalBank nameSociété Générale
db_bank_adressOptionalAddress of the bank10 rue du pont
db_bank_street_numberOptionalStreet number of the bank10
db_bank_streetOptionalStreet name of the bankrue du pont
db_bank_cityOptionalCity of the bankParis
db_bank_zip_codeOptionalPostcode of the bank75010
db_bank_stateOptionalState/region/province of the bankIle de France
db_bank_countryOptionalCountry of the bankFrance
db_bank_country_code_iso2OptionalBank country code format ISO 3166 (2 char.)FR
db_bank_country_code_iso3OptionalBank country code format ISO 3166 (3 char.)FRA
bank_account_blacklistedOptionalIf the bank account is in Trustpair blacklist
is_factor_accountOptionalIf the bank account is a factor
global_evalYesOverall result of the evaluationFavorable, unfavorable, anomaly, unconfirmed
evaluation_methodOptionalControl methodology used for the evaluation
company_evalRecommendedResult of the company evaluationFavorable, unfavorable, anomaly, unconfirmed
company_eval_detailsRecommendedDetails of the company evaluationthe company is active
bank_account_evalRecommendedResult of the bank account evaluationFavorable, unfavorable, anomaly, unconfirmed
bank_account_eval_detailsRecommendedDetails of the bank account evaluationThe bank account is closed
correlation_evalRecommendedResult of the correlation evaluationFavorable, unfavorable, anomaly, unconfirmed
correlation_eval_detailsRecommendedDetail of the correlation evaluationThe bank account doesn't belong to the company
evaluation_before_overrideOptionalEvaluation before overrideUnconfirmed
override_request_dateOptionalDate of the override request21/09/2022
override_requesterOptionalName of the override requesterSabine Dupont
override_review_dateOptionalDate of the override approbation22/09/2022
override_reviewerOptionalName of the override reviewerCharles Laval


Only definitive status will be displayed in the evaluation file.

If an evaluation is "in progress", the results will be in the file the day of the evaluation