4️⃣ Pending payments

Module 3

If you want to send your payment files via SFTP, it is possible to send both CSV or XML files.

Naming Convention

The naming convention defined previously by Trustpair includes the name of the scope.
This naming convention must be respected as it is used as the key to the affection between environments and modules.
To facilitate monitoring, 2 folders (import and export) have been created.

Type of fileFormatExampleFolder
Files “pending payments” sent from your information system to Trustpair (only import files)payment-pending-ENTITY_NAME-TIMESTAMP.csvpayment-pending-ENTITY_NAME-TIMESTAMP.csvTo put on the following folder —> /import-into-trustpair

NB1: It can also be named with .xml instead of .csv

NB2:TIMESTAMP corresponds to the date of creation of the file, respecting the POSIX standard (Epoch time). This must contain 10 or 13 digits.

⚠️ There is no SFTP export for the payment pending.